I’m Ed Collins – Fellow Prostate Cancer Survivor

A Little About Me

My name is EDWARD COLLINS, Sr. I was born and raised in Mississippi and have lived a life of incredible accomplishment and success. While serving in the military I achieved the rank of Chief Warrant Officer, (CWO3). During my military career I was stationed in Indiana, Germany and Virginia. I served in NATO Headquarters as a Personnel Officer and was later assigned to Headquarters Europe Department of the Army Inspector General (IG) Team. These assigned positions allowed me to gain valuable experience and knowledge in the World of International Affairs and Diplomacy.  

In addition to my government work, I have been involved in the private sector as a successful entrepreneur. I was blessed to own the largest Minority Owned Moving and Storage Company in Northern Virginia, employing nearly 300 people daily.  My success in this business allowed me to improve my managerial and leadership skills.

My Mission

A while back I got the diagnosis of prostate cancer and that turned my life upside down. It really changes your perspective when you hear that “C” word. My mission is to ensure that no one is left behind, so I want to start this Cancer Awareness journey, so that we can build a strong community that will support one another, share resources that have helped them get through the tough times, and resources that are helping them on their journey. Although our journeys are all different, they are also similar, and bringing people together to support one another is very important to me.

My Passion

My passion for helping others has earned respect and admiration in both the public and private sector. My experiences and expertise have given me a unique perspective on the importance of equity and opportunity in society, as I continue to work towards making these values a reality for everyone.

Are you, or do you know someone that has cancer, or has survived the fight?