It’s In Your Poo!

It’s In Your Poo!

Your poo is what doctors use to determine whether you have colon cancer. It’s a telltale sign since colon cancer changes your bowel habits. A tumor causes narrowing of the colon or rectum which blocks absorption of nutrients and changes the consistency. Doctors examine stool samples for hidden blood in the stool. In addition, they also check glucose levels in your stool samples since they are increased from lack of absorption.

Due to the fact you have difficulty emptying your bowel of poo you could say you’re full of it! LOL.

Even though that’s a little funny, it’s not fun to live it, because that first stool sample that was taken was probably pretty awkward or gross! It’s not just you that has to do this kind of stuff. Everyone over the age of 40 should be getting a colonoscopy, and pretty much anyone that has something irregular happening has to hand over a cup of poo. Many of the procedures that people with Colon Cancer have to undergo are the same as those with any kind of IBD. More than likely over half the people you know had to hand over their poo at one time or another, so don’t let doing this embarrass you. Keep doing what the doctors are requesting, because they really care about you.

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